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Observing consumer behavior and identifying buying habits is possible with our solutions, which will ensure a significant improvement in your key performance indicators (KPIs). Using state-of-the-art technology – BlueTrack provides anonymous information including About how long a customer stays in a given area, determining the exact path of his purchases.

Multilevel benefits


  • It monitors the turnout of visits and time of stay
  • Examine customer loyalty
  • Determines optimum promotion spots
  • It measures the effectiveness of events


  • It helps build the optimal mix of tenants
  • Recognizes the “hot” and “cool” zones of an object
  • Confirms the route that Clients move
  • It facilitates negotiations


  • Indicates the performance of the entire portfolio
  • Compares the performance of a given object to the trend
  • Optimizes the performance of your facility
  • Helps increase your ROI (return on investment)